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New official rates for industrial property fees from 21 March 2009
From 21 March 2009 new official rates for industrial property fees will be applied. According to Circular No. 22/2009/TT-BTC issued by Vietnam Ministry of Finance  the new rates will be increased by around 20% and fees will be applied to some of the works that have not been applied before, for example: 

- In opposition proceeding against the grant of a trademark application: VND 300.000 (USD 17.65). For the information, this fee is not applied before the effective date of this Circular.

- In granting registration certificate: the fees will be calculated based on the number of classes (to the trademark applications); number of variants (to industrial design applications), and number of independent claims (to patent applications).  

FYI, registration fees have been calculated per application (but not on the number of Classes/variants/independent claims) before the effective date of this Circular

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