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Thành  phố Hồ chí Minh kiểm tra các trung tâm thương mại lớn về việc trưng bày hàng giả, hàng nhái không giấy phép

The Ideas shopping center, located at 141A-B Cach Mang Thang Tam street in District 1, was caught displaying 361 electric irons with trademark Hitoshi – Hi 588-200v.

According to the investigation team, the items were without certificates of origin or country of origin details printed on the product.

The goods have shape and model similar to those under the Philips registered trademark, a long-standing and recognized manufacturer in the Vietnamese market.

Local authorities said they were still ironing out the details of the case, as the investigation is ongoing.

(Source: Vietnam Economy- July 15, 2006)


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