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1. Name, Address and Nationality of the Applicant and Designer(s).
2. Serial number and filing date and country of the earlier application from which the Paris Convention Priority is claimed.


1. Power of Attorney (a copy is acceptable but the original must be submitted within three months from the filing date. It must be signed by the Applicant. Notarization and/ or Legalization are not required.).
2. 6 sets of pictures (photos/drawings) comprising of front, top, bottom, left, right, back and perspective views (required at filing). They must be made in the same scale and not smaller than 90mm x 120 mm, not larger than A4 size and appear on only one side of the paper.
3. Brief description of design in English showing its novelty and a prior art.
4. A certified copy of the priority documents if the Paris Convention Priority is claimed (required within three months from the filing date).

Note: An executed Deed of Assignment from the Designer(s) to the Applicant (if the Designer(s) and the Applicant are not the same), is no longer required at the time of filing. The applicant has to submit this document in the case the National Office of Intellectual Property has reasonable grounds to doubt the Applicant's eligibility.
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